My Creative Team

JerSean Golatt

I’m just a kid from Oakland, CA with a dream that’d I be able to touch the world with my gifts. I started my journey as an artist at 14 years old when my father brought home a computer with Photoshop 4.0 installed. I taught myself how to make designs for local businesses. That lead me on the journey to find fashion photography. My love for photography started when I would find myself lost in my mothers’ September Vogue issues. I would see my mothers’ designs in the local paper, taken by San Francisco photographers. A black woman in San Francisco making headlines about her art! That’s the cloth I’m cut from. My dream of becoming a world known fashion photographer will come true, because I’m destined to become that. It’s been a hard road... AND I’M STILL HERE!

DaMon R Golatt

DaMon Golatt, Born and raised in San Francisco, California where he recently graduated with a bachelor of fine arts in Fashion Journalism at the Academy of Art University. Under the teachings of a former Maison Martin Margiela assistant and a former freelancer at the New York Times, Golatt hopes to offer a unique and informed perspective to wherever his career may lead him. Golatt has always been driven by creativity and self-expression in more ways than one. He is most interested in the ways we choose to present ourselves sartorially and believes it speaks volumes about who we are. Golatt's desire to create stems from personal experiences, challenging social limitations and shaping culture.

Denzel D Golatt

"Denzel Golatt, 22 year old, started teaching himself how to use a DSLR at age 14 and has not put his camera down since. Golatt's edit style is very detailed and he tries to give a different perspective while focusing on bringing out the natural beauty of his subject."

Nikayla J Golatt

My name is Nikayla Josette Golatt. I am the owner of Slackers' Closet as well as a freelance stylist. I resell vintage and often times redesigned pieces. This has been a passion of mine since I was a sophomore in Highschool. I love the ability to enhance others lives through the lens of fashion. I especially love the uniqueness reused clothing brings to ones wardrobe. I intend on using my knowledge of trends and styling skills to help others find their personal style and feel comfortable and confident in their clothes.

Diandra D Golatt

Hi my name is Diandra Golatt, 18 years old & youngest of 5 siblings. I first fell in love with makeup when I would watch my favorite Youtubers do their make up and share their looks ever since then it's been a passion of mine. Since then I've done make up in a number of photo shoots for Josette Couture. I recently enrolled in the Toni&Guy school of cosmetology where I will sharpen my hair and makeup skills until I get my license and follow up with a career in cosmetics.