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An Eye for Style Fashion Academy 

Started out as a weekend program 1st of its kind, which began its pilot classes in January 2003, at the Adeline Loft Community Room in the inner city of West Oakland, CA. January 2007, then opened a new location in Frisco, TX.

An Eye for Style Fashion Academy is an entrepreneurial program for youth ages 12-17. Youth are trend setters and consumers: whether in fashion, music, dance or media, and the target for major corporation marketing. An Eye for Style seeks to position Young Designers as active participants in the fashion industry.

Hip Hop an art form started in the late 70’s by inner-city youth and has grown, spilled over into our rich affluent neighborhoods, and spread around the world. Oversized shirts, baggy jeans the latest Jordan’s, doo-rags, and braids are all fashion of the streets. Karl Kani, Sean John, FUBU, Phat Farm and many others are all fashion designers that started in the inner-city and are now main stream.

This program has a lot to offer young people, (especially young people who are serious).We give youth the opportunity to be introduced to the Business of Fashion Design and Merchandising and teach them the necessary skills on how garments are constructed and how to market them. We have various seminars and events with industry professionals such as fashion designers, buyers, boutique owners, garment manufacturers, fashion stylists, hair/makeup artists . They also learn how trends are set. Students participate in fashion shows and go on field trips to department stores, manufacturers, fabric stores, designer showrooms, fashion institutes and fashion marts.

We have the opportunity to introduce the future of fashion in the form of “state of the art” software technology. In order to compete in today’s fast paced society you need to understand how and where technology fits in the fashion business. Tuka tech is our choice of software that makes the patterns, grades the patterns and allows us the ability to design on fabrics. Software on the cutting edge of fashion technology is at our disposal to introduce to our young people so that they compete in today’s fast moving fashion industry.

The whole purpose of this program is to inspire our young people to dream, and be all they can be, whether a business owner, or fashion industry professional. We want our young people to be educated, inspired, challenged, and supported by our fashion program.


An Eye for Style receives Special Recognition


  • An Eye for Style Fashion Academy receives The “Profiles of Excellence Award”, Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from U.S. House of Representative Nancy Pelosi U.S. Congress Member, 2004,
  • ABC-S.F.Channel 7 KGO selected Josette for “7 Salutes”.
  • An Eye for Style also received the 2003 Magic Award.



AEFSFA promotes a spirit of belonging; celebrating the gifts/talents of each designer and teaching them to work independently, as well as in design teams.

We acknowledges that God is The Original Designer, which gives us ideas, energy to create.

We acknowledge and honor each young designer’s authentic & unique personality that they bring to the group as a whole.

AEFSFA encourages the sharing of information, which challenges each young designers to achieve their own personal and professional best.

We embraces integrity as the standard rule which guides our behavior, actions and attitudes toward one another and as a team/group.

In principle and practice An Eye For Style Fashion Academy values and seeks a diverse student population.
Our goal is to fully represent the diverse make-up of the community and surrounding cities, through increased outreach.


Donations are welcomed. Make checks payable to
An Eye for Style Fashion Academy 
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We thank you in advance.


Josette Golatt
Founder/Executive Director