About Josette

Intricate designs have now been refined by the incomparable, Josette Golatt! A “Designer and Dress Maker by design” the San Francisco native, is the epitome of fashion and grandeur! A proud wife and mother of five, she proves that you can have it all! Knowing the power of her God given talent, Josette has worked fiercely to express her passion for fashion by transforming the lives of others stitch after stitch, and ensemble after ensemble. Her purpose is sure. The designs offered by this powerhouse have the ability to not only give glamour, but to lift-up the spirit of those who wear her designs. While offering styles that symbolize elegance, originality, and chic, the Josette Couture brand offers PERFECTION. Her exploration of vast colors and fabric are a definite trademark of the signature brand. Josette’s creation transcends time. Having an intense eye for style, the eminence of her work speaks volumes of her unlimited expression of talent. When asked over and over again, how the “design phenomenon” got started, Josette fondly recalls, “Given my first sewing machine at age nine as a gift from my father stirred up my passion.”

Who’s wearing Josette Couture ?

So who has been blessed to be adorned in Josette Couture? Well let’s just say that Patti LaBelle has been heard boasting that “girlfriend can sew”! Golatt’s custom design clientele has included local friends and family to high profile newscasters, celebrity talk show hosts, wives of professional athletes. The Josette Couture Brand has been adorned as faraway as London by Wall Street corporate leader, Nancy Strong, during her time spent at Buckingham Palace! and other notables such as Yolanda Adams and Chaka Kahn! That’s right, Chaka Khan who’s proudly proclaims “I’m Every Woman” she dares to wear the Josette Couture brand while commenting “You’re the Best Yet”! The look of the brand is so striking that even the late great Luther Vandross inquired of Patti LaBelle as to who designed her famed ensemble during what would be their last public event together!

So what’s next for Josette Couture ?

What’s next for Josette Couture! Hmmm…let’s talk expansion of the brand! Having designed custom ensembles at a “designer price”, the brand is now embarking upon mass production of her design to offer Josette Couture to the world. Yes, that means less expense with the same attention given to detail and of course, she’s offering the same fabric quality! It’s true! The former San Francisco Bay Area Designer of the Year has remained committed to her passion and has inspired countless teens to nurture their gift through An Eye for Style Youth Fashion Academy. A believer in giving back, she also reaches out to inspire youth to become entrepreneurs in the area of fashion design as well as other facets of the industry. Josette’s passion comes from the belief that we were all created in the image of God who is the Original Designer and it is for us to celebrate and appreciate the gifts and talents that are inside. This is Josette Golatt: The Lady, The Designer, The Brand! What more can you say

Josette Golatt

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